Chased By The Daemon Eyes: Scared Shitless

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Chased By The Daemon Eyes: Scared Shitless Empty Chased By The Daemon Eyes: Scared Shitless

Post by Kool Kat on Tue Jul 10, 2012 8:15 pm

Joshua stopped at the side if the highway, and took a wiz on the hard Colorado soil. Then when he looked up, there were a pair of glowing red eyes between him, and his Ford Bronco. The eyes looked at him and scared him shitlesss. Even his dog took off dashing into the darkness of the night. Joshua couldn't get in his car, so he ran the other way. He ran as fast as he could while barely being able to what's in front of him with the dim moonlight.

He looked, and saw more red glowing eyes in the darkness following him! There were atleast ten of them, and he felt a crap fall into his pants. Sweat dripped down his head, and he fle a terrifying presence get close behind him...
WHo dares inish this story.
Kool Kat
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